Let’s Talk about #BellLetsTalk

“Your struggle is part of your story” – Unknown


For those of you living in Canada, every year on January 31st we are reminded of Bell Let’s Talk day. For applicable text, mobile, long distance call, tweet using #BellLetsTalk, Bell Let’s Talk video on social media, the use of the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame and Snapchat filter, Bell will donate 5 cents to Canadian Mental Health initiatives. I remember the first year it started, I remember tweeting the hashtag as many times as my Blackberry would let me before freezing up. I remember it was the first time people openly, began to speak about mental illness.

Looking back now, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come as a human race. Yes, these steps are small but at least they’re steps in the right direction, and opening up a platform to speak positively about mental illness and how we can help those who struggle instead of backing them into a corner.

So for my friends, my family, my co workers, my neighbours, the strangers on the train, the faces I pass by on the street; you are not alone. You are not weak, you are not broken, you are not bruised, and you are not damaged goods. You are not what people think of you, you are not your dark side, and you are not good for nothing. You are you, all the parts of you; the good and the bad. You are beautiful, you are kind, and you are worthy. You are light, and you are so deserving of a life that makes you happy.

Let’s keep the conversations going, and take care of each other.

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