Always More

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” – Ephesians 3 20


This year I set out to read a total of at least 30 books. I had some books that I had been wanting to read for sometime now, some that were recommended to me by other people and some that I came across while wandering the shelves of Chapters. Last week I came across a book called Love Letter Life by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, you might recognize those names from the TLC show Little People, Big World. I was a pretty big follower of the show when it first started, and when I saw this book in Chapters I was instantly drawn to it.


I finished the book in 2 days. I was so hooked to their love story and how they so openly talked about their love for Jesus and how it became a strong foundational pillar in their union together. I became so intrigued with the couple that when I found their podcast on Spotify, I couldn’t help but beam ear to ear, at the simple thought that my morning commutes had gotten that much more exiting.

One of my favourite episodes of the podcast is called “Almost More Mindset and How it Can Change Your Life”. Audrey spoke about how a sign in her bathroom, a couple bible verses and a passion to always strive for more inspired this simple, but incredibly effective phrase she carried with her through the many seasons of her life. From printing this exact phrase on a couple T-shirts for fun, and a couple purchases later, the brand Always More was born.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.44.29 PM

Always More means so many different things, to so many different people. To me it means:

There’s Always More love to give. There’s Always More ways to be kind to one another. There’s Always More fight to fight. There’s Always More than meets the eye. There’s Always More beauty to be found in even the darkest of days. There’s Always More to be grateful for. There’s Always More reasons to never give up. There’s Always More fun to be had. There’s Always More forgiveness to give. There’s Always More to someone’s story. There’s Always More blessings to be thankful for.There’s Always More to look forward to. There’s Always More you’re capable of.

There’s Always More through Him.

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