Travel Tips: London, England

One of my absolute favourite cities in the world is London, England. I am fortunate enough to have family that live there, and have visited four times now. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten the chance to see more of the country, and go to places that are less touristy.

Since school for most post secondary students has wrapped up, a lot of my friends have left for an early graduation trip, or are in the midst of planning their graduation trip for later this summer. I always get questions on places I recommend visiting when in England, so I decided why not throw them up here as well.


  1. Take public transit, it is so easy to get around London by using public transport. Don’t waste money taking cabs when it will probably take you twice as long & cost you twice as much.
  2. Beware the Central line, it is hot. It is sweaty. Just a warning.
  3. Platform 9 3/4 exists, for all my fellow HP lovers out there, yes, platform 9 3/4 exists. When I visited there was barely any line and you could take your time with the pictures, but rumour has it – they now have a wind machine and you have one shot at a picture. I could be wrong, but keep this in mind.
  4. Chips are fries, growing up having family who lived in London, I’ve had my fair share of being made fun of for my accent and the different words we use for food items. When you’re out in London and ordering fries, please call them chips. 
  5. Airbnbs are probably the way to go. For most of us who don’t live in Europe the current exchange rate isn’t the best, which makes hotels pretty expensive. Airbnb’s are an affordable and sometimes even more comfortable option.



3 Abbey Rd, St John’s Wood, London NW8 9AY, UK

If you’re a massive Beatles fan – or music lover in general – like me, then you know that this place is a MUST. It’s super convenient to get to via tube, and most cars are courteous to the excessive amount of people who try and replicate the Abby Road Album artwork (you know what i’m talking about). Abby Road Studios is no open to the public, keep that in mind, and be respectful to the people who work in the building.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 2.27.48 PM


Camden Lock Pl, Camden Town, London NW1 8AF, UK

Okay, this place is teeny bit touristy. BUT it’s cool. Known for Camden Market, filled with over 1000 little shops, this place is popular for it’s fashion, and live music scene. My cousin kept insisting on taking me here when I went to go visit her a couple years back, and I’m so glad I let her. It was totally my vibe.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 3.06.30 PM


GW68+CG City of London, London, UK

I don’t think this place was always touristy, especially when I went there were not very many tourists. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 9.44.48 PM.png




These doughnuts are handmade and fresh everyday, not only are they DELICIOUS and come in so many different flavours, but they’re also vegan. Crosstown locations can be found all over Central London.

TOAD IN A HOLE (or bangers and mash)

Okay, I’ll be honest, take this request with a grain of salt. One of my favourite meals to have in London is Toad in a Hole. It’s a pub classic just like bangers and mash, consisting of sausages, in a yorkshire pudding, with mashed potato and veggies. It’s one of those things that I just think everyone should try once.


Yes I am AWARE that this chain exists in North America, but I swear it tastes 1000x better in England. Again, Nandos locations are pretty easy to come by.


If you’re like me, always looking for a chance to take a cool picture to capture a place or moment in time. Here are some places in and around London where you can get some great pictures.



I adore oxford street – yes the shopping is great but what I love about it is the literally any direction you look it’s an opportunity for a picture (Londoners don’t come at me, for those of us who don’t often seen a double decker red bus, or a red telephone booths on every street corner, it’s pretty magical)



Brighton is one of my favourite little beach towns, the lanes are filled with the cutest little shops, and boutiques. The pier overlooks the sea, and has a lot of fun attractions for both adults and children.

I hope this guide helps some of you guys who are planning on traveling in the coming months, if there’s any places no mentioned in here I’d love to know what they are!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.04.11 PM


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