A Letter to my Teenage Self

Dear Teenage Self,

Darling girl, you’re in for a wild ride.

Keep dreaming young girl, dream big and dream hard. Spend your days wrapped in the day dreams that consume you, dreams of living a life you don’t think is possible. Dream it darling girl, because it’s going to come true.

You’re not going to be the prettiest, or the smartest, you’re not going to be the best dressed at prom either but all those moments will build you, they’ll make you stronger and tougher than the rest. True beauty, you’ll come to realize is within, it’s in the way you are effected by people, it’s in the way you were raised by the ones that love you the most, true beauty is how you feel so deeply, – never stop feeling deeply young girl.

You my darling girl are going to fall in love. It’s not going to be the kind of love that you read about in books. It’s going to be better than what you read, and so much worse at the same time. He’s going to see the beautiful parts of you – you make them really hard to hide – and he’s going to take every single one of them for granted. You’re going to discover what it means to love someone, who will never love you and it’s going to hurt. Push through the pain, wipe those eyes and put your big girl pants on because the adventure after him is way better than any adventure you could dream of with him. Love him, miss him and always be thankful for him.

Your dreams are going to come true, and it’s going to scare you. You’re going to realize that it’s not your darkness, but the light inside you that scares you the most. Promise me darling girl, to never let that light scare you. You’re going to have many pinch yourself moments, moments that can take you into a world that you’re unfamiliar with, a world of money, fame a world of glitz and glamour, never stop being thankful for these moments, stay true to who you are and grateful for how far you’ve come. Trust me on this one, gratitude is your most powerful tool.

You have an old soul darling girl, embrace it, there’s not many like you out there. You’ll fall in love with the words of Springsteen and Nicks over and over, you’ll read books that will expand your mind, you’ll be able to throw back a beer (sometimes 5) without cringing, bars and live music will fuel your 70’s soul, you’ll travel alone and with friends and you’ll have moments when the sun it beating hot on your face where you’ll look up at the sky and smile wondering how the hell you got this lucky, and oh yeah – you’re never going to stop dreaming.

So don’t worry, for what feels like a stand still on life; a barrier holding you and all the potential you have to change this world back, is only building you up, strengthening your heart getting ready to launch you to the stars.

Keep your heart strong, keep your chin up.




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