Let’s not wish the time away, okay?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to realize how precious our time really is. 

I’ve always been a dreamer, someone who could sit for hours, and let my mind wander to all the places I wanted to be, the people that I wanted to meet. I was never someone who liked the idea of living in the reality that I was in. I think that’s why I loved books, movies and TV shows so much as a kid – because, for a second, I was somewhere else. 


Life can get crazy. We’re all victims of it. That deadline at work that everyone’s stressed about, the bills that keep piling up, jam packing our weekends with activities that don’t bring out the best in us. We all lose sight of what, at our core, is really important and spend so much of our time focusing on the negatives of our lives, rather than celebrating all the good.  

I’m 23. I’m not overwhelmed with payments to be made, I don’t have kids of my own – but I do many times feel like I’m always looking ahead, wishing my time away. So this summer I’m making it my goal to make more of an effort to live in the moment, to enjoy the places and the people that I meet. Savour every bite of my favourite foods, and be extra grateful for a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Be around my family and friends, any chance I get. 

I’m making it my goal to stop wishing the time away.

Do you ever feel like life is going by at the speed of lightning? How do you step away and recharge?

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