An Open Letter of Advice to all those risking it all for their dreams.

As I get ready to make a change in my life, (more about that to come) from stability to instability as I continue to chase my dreams. I had a conversation with a lovely co worker, who went on and wrote this for me in an email, and I felt compelled to share the advice that she so graciously took time to write down.
To anyone out there who is taking a risk, about to make a change in their life in a chase for their dreams, this is for you.

1. You aren’t me: you are much smarter & stronger than I was at your age. I had so much to learn about the way things are in this world, that you just already know. So please don’t think that why working in the arts didn’t work for me will happen to you. I wasn’t where you are at your age.
2. When I talk about wanting to settle down, its good to have in the back of your head, but you’ve got lots of time to get enough experience before you get there, there will be stable opportunities for you by the time your internal voice wants stability and comfort & babies (it’s true) more than adventure…and for sure in the arts whose internal voice always wants adventure
3. Never forget to appreciate. Remember to remind yourself how lucky you are to support yourself doing something you love. So many people in this world never get close to that reality.
4. Never forget to question. The problem with a boss that asks you to make drug deals is not the morality of it. I’ve got no problem with drugs. The problem is who the request came from. Determine your own limits and never let people in power influence you to compromise them, nothing will make you feel worse about yourself than compromising your integrity.  If you are okay to risk getting arrested to bring dude his smack, that is one thing, if you are not, but you did it because your boss told you to, that is completely different.
5. Build things rather than tearing down what others have built. There are going to people in TV that do things in ways that make you sick to your tummy (as there will be in any industry).  Don’t waste your time trying to change their systems, instead use your time to be part of building the alternative. I guarantee that if it makes you sick to your tummy, there are other people who are sick to their tummy too and will join you.
6. Be the alternative, instead of the critic. Vent, for sure vent, but don’t waste time hating or judging (even when they are pathetic human beings) you don’t know where people come from or what they’ve had to stomach in their lives, they could be perfectly justified in their choices or they could just never have known any different. Will Smith so wisely says: “Hate in your heart will consume you too”

7. Never forget what it feels like to be the outsider, acceptance is the nicest gift you can give someone.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?
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