5 ways to detox from technology for at least 20 minutes everyday.

It’s odd. I never really realized how absolutely consumed by technology I was until I noticed that my “break” from using my computer at work was scrolling through Instagram…& I know I’m not the only one.

Over the last year, I’ve been balancing a lot. A full time job, various short term work contracts, personal projects and a lot of my time spent helping people with their businesses. While I LOVE being busy, and truly enjoy putting a lot of energy and time into my work, I realized the only time I wasn’t in front of a screen or consuming content was when I was showering or sleeping, and that scared me.

Growing up I always considered myself one of the lucky ones, I was part of that generation that played outside, I didn’t have a smart phone till I entered University. I pride myself on how when I was little we didn’t depend on an app, or games on a phone to keep us busy at family parties, we used to make up games, run around, play together. But here I am realizing that at 23 I barely spend 30 mins outdoors unless I’m running from one meeting, or job to the next. I knew I needed to make more of an effort to be more present in the moment, to be more aware of things that are around me rather than always preparing for what’s next. So here’s my list of 5 simple but effective ways I try and pull myself away from technology and focus on the present moment.

1. Mindful Mornings

I try my best to not look at my phone for at least the first 30 minuets of my day. I try to read a book, brush my teeth and eat breakfast without needing my device next to me. This was incredibly hard at first, I was constantly worried that I’d miss an email, I’d miss something important in the lives of my friends and family. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be accessible to everyone. When I realized how incredibly messed up that sounded, it was easier for me to loosen my grip on the reins. Now I find myself not reaching for my phone until I have to leave the house.

2. Walk AWAY

One of the biggest tips I could give, is to get away from your desk for at least 15 minuets a day. Take a walk, get a coffee, just please, step away from the desk. It’s so easy to get completely consumed by work and the never ending list of things to do that we all have growing in our emails. I found taking a walk, without my phone, and bringing my focus back to the present moment changes my attitude so much.

3. If you have to, set a timer.

There are so many apps that can help you better manage your time on social media. All you have to do is type in “Social Media Timer” and hundreds of apps pop up. I know a couple of the people that I work with use the app Moment. Instagram even has it built into the app. There’s no shame in setting a limit to what you consume a day.


4. Exercise

This one is SO important. I used to be pretty active, growing up I played sports outside of school and never really stopped until I started university. Once I started University I stopped it all, I was so busy at school and, once I finished school I totally gained like 10 pounds, and became a couch potato. It wasn’t until this last year that I realized how important moving your body for at least 30 minuets a day is. A great break for me from social media is running, it’s kick boxing it’s getting away from my screens and being active.

5. Set Rules

This can be done in so many different ways. Be selective of who you follow on social media, be selective of the types of youtube videos that you watch. Be unapologetically selective. You are what you surround yourself with, that goes for people and content.

I hope these little tips help you detox from social media for at least 20 minuets a day. If you have any tips that weren’t mentioned let me know!

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