be kind.

The older I get the more that I realize that it isn’t always someones first instinct to be kind to people. Many times, you can have a whole interaction with someone, and wonder wether or not this person can actually hear the things that are coming out of their mouth.

I find power in being nice. I find strength, not in volume or tone, but in how you carry yourself when under immense pressure with everyone watching you. I think it’s sexy to be nice, not just to servers, but to everyone without wanting anything in return. I think that the people that surround you, build you. Surround yourself with kindness and love, with happiness and positivity. Always remember that ” a kind act can be as powerful as a sword.” You don’t need to be cruel to be tough, that’s one of the biggest lies you could ever believe. There’s enough wrong in this world as it is, it takes nothing to be kind.

So please, Be Kind.

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