I cannot believe that we are at the beginning of another year. The last couple months of 2019 seemed to slip right past me – with working completely full time in the freelance world I found it really hard to find time to write. I feel like 2020 is significant. It feels the beginning of so many exciting things to come. To think that I will be 34 at the end of the decade is insane knowing that a new chapter of my life is just beginning.

Since I worked through New Years Eve I haven’t had time till now to really think about what my resolutions for the next year would be along with what goals for the next ten years would be. Below is my lists of resolutions for 2020.


I can’t express how much healing I find in writing. Both journaling and blogging, there’s something that completely grounds me when I write.

2. Take better care of my Body

I think this is a very generic resolution for most people at the beginning of every year, but after realizing just how badly out of shape I was last year and slowly getting back into running and working out, I realized just how important moving your body for at least 20 mins every day is. This also had a HUGE effect on my mental health for the better.

3. Mindset Reset

Over the last year or so I have gotten very into the idea of Mindset and how your thoughts create the reality that you live in. I’ve read countless books about this and really plan on working on this through 2020.

4. Travel and Plan

I am SO excited for all the traveling that I will be doing this year. Along with the traveling that I will be doing I also want to begin to plan ahead career wise. A huge goal of mine is to spend a year working in England, I plan on making that happen.

5. Be kinder, Be more accepting, Be me.

Pretty self explanatory.

What are your resolutions for 2020?

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