Favourite Skincare Products 2020

The older I get, the more I understand how important it is to take care of my skin. Over the last year I’ve tried a number of products and have finally found some that I absolutely love and wanted to share.

1. Olehenriksen – Truth Juice Cleanser

This is fairly new, but because of my love for this brand and the difference I’ve seen in my face since I’ve been using the Truth Serum, I was very excited to test out this new cleanser. I have started trying to move away from Make-Up whips, they’re pretty rough on your skin, and they’re not good for the planet either. This cleanser is SO gentile on the skin, it’s been about 5 days of me using it and I’ve already seen such a huge difference. The price point on any good cleanser is around $30 – $40 dollars, and this one falls in at the $37.00 price point.

2. Olehenriksen – Truth Serum 

Pretty sure I wrote about this in a past blog post, but I SWEAR by this. I use this twice a day after I cleanse my face. Literally one small pump of this and after about a week of using it I saw many changes in my skin. Any dark patches or spots that I had, had gotten lighter and any scars I had from pimples had completely disappeared. I have pretty combination skin, so this serum never leaves my skin feeling too dry or to oily. It’s just perfect.

3. Clinique – Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto – Replenishing Hydrator 

When I started taking care of my skin Clinique was the brand that I began using, and while I have found products that I like much better than some from the Clinique line, the one product that I can’t seem to part with is my moisturizer. In the winter months I find that my skin does become a little drier than normal, so this helps to keep my skin feeling hydrated and keeps my makeup on longer.

What are your favourite products for your skin? Let me know what your go to items are to keep your skin always looking fresh !

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.04.11 PM




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