more blessings, than bruises

“As above, so below. As within, so without” – Unknown 


Lately I’ve been feeling a lot more appreciative for everything in my life a little bit more than I normally do. Maybe this is what it means to get older or maybe I finally have nothing but positive energy around me. Maybe this is all my good karma coming back to me or maybe I’m just learning to count my blessings instead of my bruises.

I’ve always been a really happy person. I’m rarely ever am in a bad mood, and if I am it never lasts more than a couple hours and lately, I’ve learned that it’s just not worth it.

We live in a world where every single thing we do, every choice we make filters down to love or fear. You can either live your life from a place of love, or constantly live in a place of fear.

I choose love.


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