5 tips on how to stay within a travel budget

I love traveling, and this year I will be traveling a lot. I know for a lot of people the first worry is always money, the first question is always “well how much will that cost?” I thought I would compile a list of some travel trips I swear by, on how to stay within your travel budget.

1. Do Your Research

I feel like while this is a no brainer – SO MANY people just don’t do this. One of the first things I do when I feel the travel bug beginning to bite, is start by doing top line research on the desired destination. I start my research by looking at flights – if the location is too far to drive. One of my favourite tools to look for the best priced flights is Google Flights, my dad was the one who introduced this to me. You can search by date, you can see when the prices begin to increase based on the high-peak travel season of any specific destination. One of my favourite features of Google flights is that it shows the flight prices for each day in a month so you have the opportunity to (if you do have flexible dates) to shift around your travel dates and get the lowest prices. I research typical costs of hotels, along with the safest/ most central places to stay. The research I do begins to shape the type of trip I take.

2. Off Season = Best Season

For most, the best time to travel is in the summer months, kids are off from school, and the weather is typically better in most countries between May – August. One of my top tips to anyone who is traveling and has the flexibility to travel anytime of the year, is look for times in the spring or fall – the weather is still amazing and you can typically get lower prices for flights & the most important reason of all, it’s not as crowded in high volume tourist destinations, you can actually see important landmarks and experience the city as a local.


3. Airbnb > Hotels

Now, this one is kind of tricky depending on the circumstance of the trip but hear me out. When you’re traveling with a group, the best option by FAR is an Airbnb, not only is it nice having everyone in one place that is not a hotel but it is in most cases cheaper. When traveling alone or with one or two other people and depending on the safety of the area you are staying I always tend to gravitate toward hotels.

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4. Pack Your Own Snacks

I know what you’re thinking – “this is my vacation I don’t want to worry about anything I’ll just buy snacks” I get that. I am the SAME way, but the more I travel the more I realize that even packing a couple granola bars and a reusable bottle of water is a saving grace. Not only does it save you a couple dollars here and there but small snacks and water can be incredibly over priced in airports and various tourist destinations – do yourself a favour and pack ahead.


This last tip is not really something that I think a lot of people do but I do think that it can save from a lot of unexpected costs when you arrive in a new destination. Most people, when they’ve never been to a new city or country like to check out tourist spots, places that more than likely, cost the most amount of money. Often times I’ve had friends fail to plan ahead and in the end, end up paying more money purchasing tickets, or passes in person rather than online ahead of time. As soon as my tickets are booked one of the first things that I do is start making a list of places I want to visit, food I want to eat and any tours that could be an added cost. Once I have my list, I can begin to prioritize what exactly it is that I want to do and begin to plan my days.


What are some travel tips that you swear by?

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