2020 fashion trends to know

Here in Toronto Canada we are in the darkness of winter, the winter blues in full force and spring is still at least 2 months away. With so many trips planned for the spring and summer months I’ve found myself getting more excited than ever before for winter to just be over.

I’ve been looking at so many online websites for new clothes to wear on my trips and noticed so many trends for 2020 that I’m so excited to try out. Here’s my list of trends you need to know for 2020, that I think are wearable, and can even be created from items that you have in your wardrobe! I have also included a couple pieces I’ve found online from some of my favourite online stores.


2019 saw the comeback of the animal print, leopard, snake..even cow print made in into so many closets. While that trend is here to stay, in 2020 so is another playful fun print (that I personally am SO excited for) – it’s POLKA DOTS ! Polka dots in the last several years have been making a come back in small doses, but this year we’re going to be seeing the print in skirts, tops, swimsuits and accessories and more.




Again, I think I just love clothes so much but I am THRILLED to be seeing so much fringe online and in stores. I remember having a fringe vest that I loved but refused to wear in public because I thought people would make fun of me….oh how I wish I didn’t donate it. Fringe is making a comeback on so many pieces, from tops to shoes, headbands to wrist bands? I don’t even care, just give me all. the. FRINGE.


This particular trend I’m a little more hesitant about, but I think with the right combination you can pull this off and look insanely trendy. I think my only caution would be to be careful what bralette you wear underneath – so doesn’t look like you forgot to wear a shirt underneath HA.


Florals have always (in my opinion at least) very subtly been incorporated in to many different items of clothing for as long as I can remember. So it’s not a huge surprise to me that florals are making more of a statement this year. If you’re anything like me who’s wardrobe consists of 60% neutral tones, I challenge you to find an item of clothing that is a little more out there from what you normally gravitate towards, and have fun with it. Florals are definitely a “safer” area to do this.


This specific trend I’ve been seeing a lot for the winter, and initially I didn’t really know how I felt about it but the more I’ve seen it on runways and online on so many websites, the more excited I am to try it, I think it’s really growing on me! It’s a really simple and effortless way for you to be able to add a little something more to everyday looks and just so we are ALL clear, leather will never go out of style (& no not real leather, I would never) 


scrunchies, scrunchies, and more scrunchies. Not only have scrunchies made a huge come back in fashion (and my bathroom) in the last year, but so have barrettes and thicker headbands. I never thought that I would ever see the day headbands made it back into my wardrobe, but here I am looking for the perfect one for my trip later this year.


We saw a hint of this specific style of shoe becoming popular late towards the end of last summer, but this spring and summer these shoes are proving that they are here to stay. One of my favourite things about this style of shoe is that it can be incorporated into so many different styles of shoes. If you’re a sandal girl, you can find them! Do you like mules? No problem! Strappy sandals with a chunky heel? We got you ! This style is so diverse and can accommodate everyones personal style.

I hope you enjoyed my round up of fashion trends that you need to know for 2020! Let me know what style you’re most excited to try out!

Thanks for reading,

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