Don’t Settle for Someone who doesn’t love you

I don’t know a lot about love.

But I know, that of all the things in my life, love is the one of the things I don’t ever want to settle on.

I’ve been single for about three years now, not the kind of single that means I’m casually talking to someone or the other, on and off. I mean the kind of single that is not active on any dating apps, and does not go out in dates to kill time. I’m the kind of single that Is more than happy to wait for the kind of love I know I deserve.

I don’t know a lot about love.

But I know, that love doesn’t disappear when things get hard. Loving someone is standing by them through tough times – when they aren’t at their best. Loving someone is standing beside them to brave the storm, not behind them. Loving someone is a choice, and so is not loving someone. Loving someone is not waking up, looking over and thinking, I don’t have to try because they’ll always be there. It’s waking and trying because you know they’ll always be there.

I don’t know a lot about love.

But I know, that it’s not something you do becasue you’re bored, becasue someone has fallen into your life perfectly and you think, why not? But we often do that, don’t we? We fall in love with people because we are lonely, becasue we think they’re going to heal us. Sometimes people love you, and they tell you, you’re the best thing to ever happen to them – until one day you’re not. So you wait, you wait for them to love you again. That’s where we settle.

You don’t deserve to find a mediocre love. So please do not settle for someone who doesn’t even try to love you. Do yourself a favour and realize when something is just falling short of love, do yourself a favour and love yourself so you know the standards as to which you deserve to be loved.

I don’t know a lot about love.

But I love myself, and that has made all the difference.

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