My Podcast Rotation: Quarantine Edition

In the last year or so I’ve found myself really making an effort to either read a book or listen to a podcast on my daily commute, to and from work. During this quarantine I have been doing a lot of reorganizing, and cleaning in my house – and I’ve found that listening to podcasts have made the whole process that much more enjoyable.

Here is a quick round-up of my current favourite podcasts on rotation: quarantine edition! Important to note that all these podcasts are updated multiple times a week – so there is constantly new information at your fingertips.

1. Ellen On The Go – Ellen DeGeneres

For anyone who is in the TV industry/Entertainment world – or, anyone who is interested in the behind the scenes of the TV world – this is the podcast for you! Most people assume that this podcast is hosted by Ellen herself, but I think you’d be surprised to know that the hosts of this podcast are actually her four Executive Producers, of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen’s Game of Games. They talk about different segments of the show, different guests they’ve had on and give listeners more insight into what goes into producing the TV show. It’s funny, like actually funny – I alway find myself embarrassingly laughing on the train to and from work as the producers banter with each other, and sometimes Ellen joins them !

2. The Goal Digger Podcast – Jenna Kutcher

Any of my fellow girl bosses out there – THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ! Jenna Kutcher has an effortless way of intertwining business advice and personal growth advice in to every single one of her podcast episodes. Ranging from career advice to how to grow a business, she is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to work on their personal brand and for those who want to know how to start and build a business.

3. RISE – Rachel Hollis

I mean, by now we all know how much I love Rachel Hollis, so is it really any surprise that she’s on the list? Her podcast is basically an extension of everything that she has built for herself over the years. If you are someone who is into personal development and wanting to learn to be a great leader inside your home and in your businesses then this podcast is for you.

4. Mindset Mentor – Rob Dial

I love the way that this podcast is delivered to listeners. The Mindset Mentor is designed for people who are constantly seeking motivation, direction and focus in life. Most of his podcast episodes are short in length ranging from 10 – 20 minuets, each one encouraging listeners to get out of their own head, and live the life they dream of living. He has recorded some amazing podcast episodes over this quarantine period, so if you are looking for some kick butt motivation through this weird time – trust me you are going to want to give this a listen!

5. Stuff You Should Know Podcast – Chuck and Josh

honestly, I just like to know things. I like to learn about ANYTHING I can and this podcast is the one that helps me do just that. Not only are Chuck and Josh fun to listen to, they really dive deep into every topic they cover. From Chopsticks to Corduroy, the colour indigo, to HOW SLOTHS WORK. Guys, this is THE podcast of all podcasts.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts before? What are in your rotation? Let me know !

2 thoughts on “My Podcast Rotation: Quarantine Edition

  1. I also listen to the Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial. Good times. The only thing I wish he didn’t do was advertise halfway through the podcast.. it really kills my mood. Usually I will fast-forward once I hit the halfway mark LOL Otherwise, I really like his podcast! ♥️

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