10 Shows To Binge During Quarantine

Happy Saturday, my sweet people! I don’t know about you, but I am about to enter into my 7th week of quarantine and If there’s one thing that I feel has helped me get through the last 6 weeks, it’s finding ways to differentiate my weekdays and my weekends. While I am still fortunate enough to still be working full time, my weekdays are still pretty normal. One big rule I have is, I try to not let myself binge any shows during the week, so I can focus on other work and..so I can save as much as I can for the weekend.

I always think about how lucky, we are to be going through this quarantine at a time where streaming services exist. Just take a moment, and think about how different your days would look if this was 2002. I know…it’s scary! So I figured, why not give you my round up of 10 Binge-worthy shows I’ve been indulging in or shows that are on my list. Here is a selection from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hayu and Apple TV!


  1. Love Island UK (Hayu)

Length: Typically each season of Love Island has around 45-50 episodes around 45-50 minutes in length.

Oh my LORD. Okay I binged series 6 of Love Island UK in 4 days, you guys! It was not something that I thought that I would be so emotionally connected to, it is a reality TV show after all. But even now – it’s been two weeks since I finished – I’m having such a hard time starting another series of Love Island becasue the people on this show were just so, so lovely to watch. If you’re like me and LOVE to find new shitty reality TV shows, to dive into. Then I cannot stress enough, that this series is for you !

2. FRIENDS (Netflix Canada)

Length: 10 seasons, 42 episodes per season all episodes are around 20-24 minutes in length.

If you’re reading this from the US, or any other place in the world that no longer has Friends on Netflix, then I am eternally sorry. Friends is one of my all time favourite shows, I find that it’s one of the only shows that I am able to start on any episode and just laugh. This show is also 10 seasons long, consisting of around 40 episodes per season, so if you have never watched an episode of Friends before, now is the time!

3. Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

Length: 8 episodes, each around an hour in length.

OKAY! I got through this in about 2 days, it’s 8 episodes of absolute crap, and I loved every second of it. In all seriousness it’s a super interesting concept that I think has so much growth as more seasons pop-up – basically when contestants enter the retreat, they are not allowed to have any sexual contact with each other, or themselves and risk losing their prize money. Anytime a contestant has any sexual contact with someone, money is deducted from their $100,000.00 prize fund. There is so much I loved about this series, I love that there were absolutely no camera crews around, and any communication was done from this cute little lava-lamp meets Alexa contraption called Lana. I loved that there was actual growth shown on the show, through the workshops that they had contestants participate in. All in all, if you’re a fan of reality TV, then you need to watch this!

4. Tiger King (Netflix)

Length: 7 episodes, each episode around 41-48 minutes.

This one I haven’t actually finished yet becasue I couldn’t bring myself to continue watching the way the animals were getting treated. BUT, if you can look beyond that it’s a very interesting series to watch, filled with A LOT of drama. I personally had NO IDEA that people actually kept large cats as pets anywhere in the world, let alone in the US – so this was eye opening for me! I highly encourage you to watch this if you experience major FOMO and want to understand all the Tiger King memes that are floating out there.

5. The Society (Netflix)

Length: 1 season, 10 episodes all around 48-61 minutes in length.

I watched this show when it first came out last year, and I honestly cannot wait to watch the first season again, right before they release the second season. This is definitely one of those sit-until-it’s done shows. The shows takes place in a small town in the US, the students in the city’s only high school head off for an overnight camping trip, but a storm forces them to return home. Upon their return, they realize that all the adults in the town are missing, at first their new found freedom is exciting but quickly becomes dangerous – especially when they realize finding order isn’t so easy. There’s so many intertwining story lines and REAL problems that they face – WATCH IT ! I promise you’ll enjoy it!

6. The Order (Netflix)

Length: 1 season, 10 episodes around 42-51 minutes in length.

Like The Society, this is another Netflix original, and only one season has been released. This is not a show I ever thought I would get into – as it has a lot to do with magic, monsters and secret societies, which really isn’t my thing, BUT I was happily surprised. The story surrounds university student, Jack Morton, out to avenge his mothers death, uncovers dark family secrets and finds himself in an underground battle waged between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic. It’s and incredibly detailed story line, and the writing is so well done !

7. Outer Banks (Netflix)

Length: 1 season, 10 episodes ranging from 46-58 minutes each!

This show is new to Netflix, the story surrounds a teenager who enlists his three best friends to hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. I have yet to dive into this show, but it’s on my list ! I have seen so many good reviews all over instagram, as well as from people in my life. So I can’t say too much about it, all I know is that the ending is EPIC.

8. Lost (Amazon Prime Video)

Length: 6 seasons, 121 episodes all ranging between 40-50 minutes in length.

Lost surrounds the survivors of a plane crash find themselves stranded on a mysterious island. They are forced to work together for their survival when they realize that they are not alone on the island. This show has been on my “Have to Watch List” for YEARS. I remember growing up and seeing it on TV here and there, but I don’t think I was old enough to be able to watch the show at the time. For me the one huge draw to this, is that there is a huge fan base associated with the show and when a show can create such a community around it, I think that’s something pretty incredible!

9. Below Deck (Amazon Prime Video)

Length: 7 seasons, 105 episodes all around 42 minutes in length.

This reality series profiles a group of young people who work aboard yachts. The crew members, known as yachties, live aboard the luxurious, privately owned vessels while making sure that their demanding clients’ ever-changing needs are met. The crews live by the “work hard, play harder” motto that gives them access to exotic perks like to visit some of the world’s most beautiful places. Since so many people know that I love reality TV, I have had countless people recommend me this show. I’ve yet to watch an episode, but it looks incredibly funny and so dramatic!

10. The Morning Show (Apple TV)

Length: 1 season, 10 episodes all ranging from 50-69 minutes in length.

From the first time I saw a promo for this show, I was hooked. I work in the TV industry in Toronto so the draw for me, was how they portray the behind the scenes of the TV world and how accurate it is. I binged this series in around a week as the episodes are almost all an hour in length and I was working full time! If you are a fan of drama, or Jennifer Aniston – then look no further. This show is for you !

I hope you enjoyed my short round up of 10 of my favourite binge-worthy shows! What are your favourite TV shows of all time? What shows are you binging during quarantine?

let me know !

7 thoughts on “10 Shows To Binge During Quarantine

  1. Yay! I have shows to watch. Thanks for your ideas. I’ve currently been watching Little Women LA on LifeTime. It’s really dramatic and fun to watch. You could check it out.
    I mostly watch YouTube videos though.
    Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OUU, that sounds good ! Love a good LifeTime show, I’ll deff check it out. I’m glad this was helpful to you – let me know what show you’re going to start out with ! xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d love to start with Love Island UK. I feel like Below Deck would be really entertaining to watch as well.
        Thanks again for your tips.
        Happy watching to meπŸ˜†

        Liked by 1 person

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