7 Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day 2020

Hi my sweet friends, If you’re anything like me, you know that the end of April means one thing, and one thing only: mothers day is around the corner. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I stress out about Mothers Day, my mom’s Birthday and Christmas presents for my mom more than I EVER stress about what to by my dad. My mom is the hardest person to shop for. She’s not into nice smelling candles, warm fuzzy socks, or cute matching mother-daughter jewelry. She loves flowers, quality time and a nice clean house – which, all things that we have been doing for 8 weeks now. So throw in a world-wide pandemic, country wide lockdown and you have me; a stressed out- running out of time-MESS.

It got me thinking, there’s no way I am alone in this. Normal days are weird, birthday have all turned into virtual zoom parties so adjusting to this new normal of a Mother’s Day is no different.

Here are my list of 7 ideas that I have narrowed down into potentials for what my Mother’s Day is going to look like. I hope this helps anyone else who’s right on time. Enjoy!


I think this is typically on someones to-do list for Mother’s Day, but I think there’s a huge potential for this to be elaborate and planned out a bit more. The weather is finally getting really nice where I live, which means that we are probably going to be able to make use of our backyard furniture and enjoy a nice brunch outside on Mother’s day. I have a couple old lanterns and string lights that I think I’m going to add for a design factor to make it more Pinterest perfect. I came across this website of 50 Best Brunch Recipes for Mothers Day which I will probably be pulling a couple recipes from! If you’re part of a family that is separated, coordinate what you can to have brunch together as a family – plan to make the same meals, drink the same beverages and set up a Zoom call! It’s obviously not ideal – but it’s the best you can do with the situation we are in.


Now, I know that there are moms out there who huge painters and love arts and crafts. My mom is one of them! I did some research and it turns out that Paint Nite’s are being offered virtually!! I have always wanted to take my mom to a Paint Nite, but never had the chance with how busy our schedules get sometimes. I think it’s important for me to note that this particular idea will take some planning before hand as you will have to purchase your own supplies. Yaymaker has all the Paint Nite events in your area listed, when you decide on what painting you want, you simply purchase a ticket and a list of what you need is noted at the bottom. For those living in Canada, I know that Michaels and Currys is doing home delivery on all orders, so purchasing items for the night won’t require you to even leave the house !


If you’re mom is into wine, and loves wine tasting – why not host a virtual wine tasting event! Purchase a variety of Reds, Whites and Rosés, and make a cheese board for good parings! This idea will require you to do some research ahead of time, to find out what the good parings are – but all that information that is a simple google search away. I would make a whole afternoon out of this, and a presentation about each different wine.


I didn’t even know this was an option till I started doing some research for this post. BUT HELLO, THIS IS A REAL OPTION – and a great one might I add! There’s so many sites and different options on how to “bring a chef” into your kitchen – this one one example of what can be offered. Again, this is another idea that would require some planning ahead to purchase all the ingredients. If this option isn’t for you – what about a meal subscription box! In Toronto, Hello Fresh is HUGE right now and I’m sure there’s various different types of subscription boxes where you live too. First order of Hello Fresh is 50% off – so why not give it a try on Mothers Day?


For a Mama who likes a good cocktail this is right up their ally! After doing some research, I realized that most mixology classes are not free – so you would have to pay at some point to learn the art of cocktail preparations. So I realized that – Pinterest – which as most of you know is my bread and butter, the apple of my eye and reason I wake up each morning (a tad dramatic, I know) – BUT, I realized that Pinterest had SO MANY cocktail recipes, I’ve added them to my board and linked it here for all of you! I would set up a cocktail making station in the house, play music and make it fun!!


If I was a mom, this is 100% the gift that I would want someone to get me. If you haven’t heard about Masterclass, you have 100% been living under a rock. It’s an ad on almost all YouTube Videos, Masterclass is the streaming platform that allows viewers to listen or watch videos from over 80 of the worlds best. From leadership, cooking, acting, writing, music and sports Masterclass delivers a world class online learning experience. Right now Masterclass has an offer – if you buy one membership you get one free to gift! This is perfect for everyone especially now, so why not?


I don’t know about anyone else but I had so many trips planned for this year, that obviously won’t be happening. In fact, at this very moment I was supposed to be in Italy. I know the world will be back to normal someday, but until then why not try to make light of the situation and go on a virtual tour of your favourite destination. I know this can be EXTREMELY lame, but hear me out, maybe brunch with a virtual tour of Rome, or happy hour in Spain ! There’s so many YouTube videos of 360 virtual experiences that you can find to add to this Mother’s Day!

I hope this helps anyone who feels like they’re in a time crunch for Mother’s Day. Let me know in the comments what you are planning on doing for Mother’s Day!

Stay Safe!

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day 2020

  1. So many great ideas here! My mom is so creative and really into woodworking and arts and crafts so that virtual paint night sounds perrrrfect 😀 I’ll throw in some wine too and we’ll have a good time, haha!

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