What I’ve Learned Along the Way

I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I’ve learned to never dwell on the past, or look to the future – when the present is all you have.

I’ve learned it’s important to dream, don’t be afraid of it, anything you dream of is valid, no matter how big or small. Remember that no one will ever care about your dreams as much as you care about them – so care about yourself enough to make them reality.

I’ve learned only dead fish swim with the stream. Life is difficult, if it was all fluffy and easy we wouldn’t be tested. If there was no pain there would be no feeling of great joy that follows. So be thankful for the struggle, and keep swimming or risk being swept away.

I’ve learned to know that you’ll never understand everything, but it’s important to know where true happiness comes from.

I’ve learned that It’s important to choose how you make your bed everyday – both metaphorically and literally. Do the right think every time. You know what it is.

For the love of God, please have a sense of humour. This makes the long nights easier, and the struggles more bearable. It’s not about being able to tell a joke at the drop of a hat, it’s about finding the humour in everything life throws at you.

I’ve learned to know when to let go – when to walk away. I’ve learned that you can only change what you can change and let go of the rest. The moment you being to truly understand this is when your whole life changes. I’ve learned that it’s important to always leave a little space for yourself everyday and be consistent with everything you do.

I’ve learned, if you can’t say anything nice, please don’t say anything at all. And always be the last person to raise your voice.

I’ve learned that if you’re going to jump off a bridge you need to know how deep the water is. I’m a risk taker, someone who is all in on something as soon as I feel called to it – but sometimes it’s better to stand on the edge and dip a toe in, so you have a better idea what it is you’re jumping into.

I’ve learned only the good feel guilty Bad people don’t feel guilty they’re too busy being bad. Good people have a conscience.

Stay young. If you’re worried about getting older – stop, it’s inevitable and worrying is a waste of time. There’s nothing you can do about getting older – except choosing to stay young. I’ve learned it’s possible for people to be in their 70’s and be as fit as a 30 year old, it’s possible to feel young on the inside let that shine through. Staying young is trying new things, finding new places to go, trying new styles and keeping an open mind. Staying young is a state of mind.

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Along the Way


    You are such a wise soul. You really have learned a lot if you actually find yourself being so grateful for the struggles you’ve managed to push through in life. That’s how you know you’re growing. That’s how perspective is born, in the thick of it where the contrast exists! Without darkness, there can be no light. One of my favourite quotes is: “I love the sun for it warms my bones, but I also love the rain for it cleanses my spirit” πŸ™‚

    ….and bloody hell, I couldn’t agree more…do we ever need to have a sense of humour!!! Fabulous post xo β™‘β™‘β™‘

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    1. This is very sweet ! I have that quote written in one of my many journals I love that quote as well. My all time favourite quote is “all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle” !!!

      & yes, being able to laugh at yourself GET’S YOU THROUGH ANYTHING.

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  2. So much wisdom and good vibes flowing all through this whole post Xandria!! The present really is all we have and that’s why we have to self aware and live our lives to the fullest! It really is too short. It is SO IMPORTANT to remain young at heart because attitude is everything no matter how old you get or how rough times may seem. In any given moment you can choose to be sad or you can choose to be happy πŸ˜€ And of course its integral to have some levity and not take everything too seriously, haha! Life is be enjoyed ❀

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    1. THANKS FRIEND ! This made me smile. I think that’s half the fear people have of getting older – losing their youth. But I think it’s interesting to know that you’re the only one who has control of your own life, you choose to stay young! – xo

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  3. ‘I’ve learned that if you’re going to jump off a bridge you need to know how deep the water is’ – this is such a great turn of phrase, and so true!

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    1. Thank you ! I read it in a book once quite some time ago and LOVED it. Happy you took something away from this. – xo


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