My 2020 Summer Essentials

You guys, I am so excited to announce that Summer 2020 is right around the corner ! While, I don’t think this is the summer that any of us imagined it to be, I am going to be here trying my hardest to make the most of it! I encourage all of you to do the same.

I spent my weekend doing an insane deep clean of my room and my wardrobe, switching out all my winter and fall clothes for spring and summer. So today I thought it could be fun to tell you what my summer essentials are. Now I’m very aware that shopping is the last thing on everyones list, but if you do find that you want a couple new pieces this summer, go for it, and I hope this list helps you figure out what to spend a little money on!


Now, I hate admitting this but It took me a long time to realize how important sunscreen is for you. Growing up, I used to ignore my mom telling me to apply sun screen, especially to my face. The idea of the oily, dewy sunscreen all over my face was horrifying. So I never did it. The work I do enables me to be around a lot of makeup artists and skin care professionals, and after talking to them about skincare, every single one of them use sunscreen on a daily basis – even in the winter! This was shocking to me. They recommended various different brands to me but my favourite, and the one I go back to every year is the Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream. It’s SO light on the face, not oily at all and smells so damn good.


For anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Jeans. I am that person that is comfortable in jeans around the house, any day of the year. But there’s something about a cute summer dress, that I can’t turn down. I find that anything flowy, and airy is my jam in the summer. Some of my favourite dresses I got over the last year have been from Petal and Pup, an online store!


I am not a fan of shopping for shorts at all! I get really picky about the style of shorts that I wear, I don’t like anything too tight fitting, and my lack of butt is not helpful when it comes to wearing high waisted shorts (too much? sorry!) BUT, every once in a while I come across a good pair of jean shorts, and it’s like Christmas morning! They’re such an essential for me because they’re easy, a t-shirt and jean shorts in the summer make it look like you tried a little without trying at all.


Thank GOSH that wearing Sunglasses is more of a fashion statement now days! I have always been told that I have to wear sunglasses, due to my bad eyes, so I had always wanted a pair of Ray Bans, I own the classic Aviator. You do not at all have to spend hundreds on a good pair of sunglasses, but you have to make sure that they protect 100 percent of UV rays. Don’t waste money on glasses that don’t do that for you, that you’re going to wear on an everyday basis! Protect your eyes, PLEASE.


I think this is a staple in most peoples wardrobes for Summer! I love my white Keds, they were very inexpensive and I’ve managed to keep them as clean as I possible could over the year. Another of my all time favourite shoes, that’s super inexpensive as well – is a pair of classic converse shoes. They just age beautifully and will never ever go out of style !

I hope this list got you as excited as it got me for Summer 2020 ! What are your summer essentials?

8 thoughts on “My 2020 Summer Essentials

  1. I’m so excited for summer!! I didn’t even get to go swimming last year 😦

    I LIVE in sneakers. I have yet to treat myself to a pair of white keds…I’ve wanted them for a while because I’m 100% that girl who wears dresses with sneakers and I feel like keds with dresses is at least a step up from vans with dresses lol! Then again, I’m also the clumsiest & messiest person I know soooo idk how well white would work out for me…we’ll see haha!!

    Lovely post, as always πŸ™‚ xoxo

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    1. I’m horrible with keeping things white as well – but I linked the Keds I have, they’re leather so super easy to clean !!!!! & yes I am also a sneakers dress wearing kinda girl, so I totally feel you on that.

      Thank you my friend !! 🀍

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  2. We’re just going into autumn/winter here in Australia! I am an absolutely obsessive sunscreen user, but recently found that chemical ones don’t agree with me – I’ve switched to zinc only and my skin is so much happier!

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  3. What brand do you use? I have a friend who doesn’t agree with the chemical ones as well, and she can’t seem to find an alternative. Thank you for reading !!


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