BOOK REVIEW: Miss You by Kate Eberlen

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s just that sometimes I look at the clear starry sky like this and I think that the universe is so vast and unpredictable that it’s amazing how our little life events happening on Earth can make a big difference to us.

I read Miss You by Kate Eberlen about a year ago, it was one of the books I took with me on vacation last summer.

Miss You is the story of missed connections, about two people who’s paths almost cross several times over the course of sixteen years. Tess and Gus first meet on holiday in Florence, Italy. Tess is about to begin university in London and Gus and his family are dealing with the loss of his older brother who died in a skiing accident. Gus and Tess meet in Florence for the first time as eighteen-year olds, and over the course of the next sixteen years, their paths almost cross as their lives take course.

When I picked up this book, I picked it up thinking that it was a romance novel because that’s what it is marketed to be, but that’s not necessarily the case. It’s more so a women’s fiction novel, the love story between Gus and Tess is only a few pages, and I had a hard time buying into the romance, given that lasted only a couple pages. It was almost an after thought as the reader is pulled too far deep into Gus and Tess’ separate lives.

I was very hesitant about a novel as I loved One Day so much, but the character development in this novel is what elevated the rating I gave it. I think that the author did an incredible job at giving readers two very likeable but flawed characters. This book explores the idea of fate and how people come into our lives for a reason, it makes for a very compelling discussion!

I wouldn’t necessarily gift this book to someone, or pick it up to read again becasue it’s not really my jam, but I do love how Kate Eberlen was able to develop these two characters so effortlessly and have me fall in love with them both, so if you love and appreciate good character development then this book is for you.

Have you read Miss You? What were your thoughts?

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