My June 2020 Playlist

Before I dive into my June 2020 Playlist, if you missed my post; I Stand With You, Always. I urge you to please give it a read. I will not stay quiet on this topic of Race in America, Canada and the world. I truly hope that this sparks lasting change in the world around us. I truly hope what you are seeing on the news and on social media lights a fire in your heart, and makes you want to fight harder for our kids so they will never have to worry about fighting for something that should never have been something to fight for anyways.

I think I’m going to start off these posts with listing out a quick Top 5 favourite songs at the moment that will be included in the playlist, instead of my just linking the playlist. SO let’s dive right in, here are some songs that I’ve been loving at the moment, both old and new.

PARIS – 1975

If you didn’t know the new 1975 album came out a couple weeks ago, while I wasn’t the biggest fan of the album, it did send me down a rabbit hole of The 1975, and I truly forgot how much I adore the song Paris. Take a listen below !


This song is just so sweet. A couple months ago I was given over 200 vinyl records to organize for my aunt, and she let me keep any records that I had my eye on. There’s nothing I love more than listening to a record you have no knowledge of! I am a fan of a couple Van Morrison songs, but never have ever listened to an entire Van Morrison album until this one, and instantly fell in love with the title track.


This song is from 1966, and it’s been a favourite since I was little, since I first heard my parents play it for me. For some reason I’ve been gravitating towards this song much more frequently over the last couple of days. I promise you’ve heard this song, it’s one of those “I’ve heard it, I just didn’t know it was called that”


OKAY. I was not expecting to enjoy Lauv’s new album as much as I did, but there’s some bangers on there. I think you should just listen to this song. It’s really cute.


I was on a run yesterday, and I was listening to a Running playlist. This song came on, and I just burst into tears. With everything that is going on in the world, these words couldn’t ring more true. I was so overwhelmed with emotion.

To check out my entire June 2020 Playlist, you can click here. I hope you enjoyed this post. & as always I hope you are staying safe, and healthy.

Sending love to you, always.

9 thoughts on “My June 2020 Playlist

  1. I love the 1975 but haven’t listened much to the new album – I’m not sure if I’ve even heard the song Paris either so I’ll definitely check it out. I love their old stuff but also new (only really heard IYTS from the new album though) like fallinforyou , The City (always gives me New York vibes lol) etc etc! Love them xx


    1. I personally find the 1975 such a hit or miss. Like you, I LOVED their earlier stuff so I find that there’s so many songs off the new album that are either so much like their old stuff or such different vibes. Definitely take a listen to Paris xo

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      1. I listened to Paris and remembered I knew the song when I listened – thank you for reminding me of such a wonderful song. I’m going to listen to more of their new stuff so I can form an opinion hehe ❤ xx

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