Summer makeup MUST-HAVES: UNDER $20

Before I dive into my Summer Make-Up Must-Haves under $20, if you missed my post; I Stand With You, Always. I urge you to please give it a read. I will not stay quiet on this topic of Race in America, Canada and the world. I truly hope that this sparks lasting change in the world around us. I truly hope what you are seeing on the news and on social media lights a fire in your heart, and makes you want to fight harder for our kids so they will never have to worry about fighting for something that should never have been something to fight for anyways.

I love make-up. I really genuinely do enjoy my morning routine of putting on makeup, it’s never felt like a task or a chore! With summer just around the corner, I think it’s natural to put on less makeup, in fear of sweating it all off anyways! But we all have those days where you want a little extra, so here are some of my favourite summer make-up products under $20, that I use in the summer!


I know this isn’t really a make-up product, but I do try and do a face mask as least once a week! Especially in the summer when I feel like my face is constantly filled with sunscreen and sweat. Sephora Collection has some of my absolute favourite face and eye masks, for around $6 – $10. My favourite mask is the Green Tea Face Mask, it is the most refreshing thing after a hot summer day! It evens out skin tone, reduces shine and reduces the appearance of any breakouts! Right now Sephora has a deal, buy three face masks, get one free. So I would highly recommend testing out a few!

LANEIGE Lip Gloss Balm – $20

OKAY. I adore this brand. If you have tried the Laneige sleeping lip mask, then this next product is for you! I use this product every single day, it is one of the best lip balms that I have ever used. It comes in various flavours: Berry, Peach, Pear and Grapefruit. Thanks to the amount of shae butter in here, your lips are left feeling moisturized, and smooth all day. This product is on the pricier side – it’s $20 for a small tube, but I want to add that this tube lasts forever as you don’t need a lot !


I tend to really focus in on my eyebrows and eyes in the summer months. This is my holy grail mascara, I’ve been using it for years. It’s think brush makes it so easy to get all corners and angels of your eye without having to, move your head various directions to get every eye lash, or getting mascara all over yourself. The length I get when I use this is insane! You can find this online on Amazon, if you don’t live close to any drug stores, or are having a hard time leaving your house due to the restrictions. If you live in Canada, you can find this at your local Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart.


I adore this palette, it’s warm tones are perfect for the summer months and the perfect tones to use when transitioning into fall. The pigmentation in these colours is beautiful and they really hold for the entire day. If you have never heard of the brand Morphe, I highly recommend that you check them out. They have so many affordable and very well made products, they have quickly become one of my favourite brands of make-up!


If you are looking for some coverage over the summer, but don’t want the heavy duty feel of foundation. This oil-free formula does an excellent job of hiding acne scars, redness, and blemishes without looking cakey. It is now available in 12 shades for every skin tone. I normally put a small amount onto imperfections and gently blend with your fingers, as well as under my eyes if I need!


As I mentioned before, I usually focus most on my eyebrows and eyes in the summer, and pay very little attention to the rest of my face. This product is perfect if you’re looking for a brushable, creamy wax that visibly thickens, shapes, and grooms brows into place. I love just wearing this and some mascara on most days in the summer!

I hope you enjoyed this very quick round up of my favourite makeup products for summer under $20! I know finding good quality make up that doesn’t break the bank isn’t always easy, so hopefully this helps you find some new products that you’ll love just as much as I do!

As always, stay safe!

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