3 Videos to watch if you need a kick in the butt to start that goal

Pretty specific title if you ask me – but let’s just roll with it.

Hello my loves, I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and spent some time relaxing in the sun! I know I did, for the first time since the weather has gotten warmer, I enjoyed the sun on Saturday afternoon and felt exhausted after – do you remember that feeling?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a dreamer! I have so many dreams that I want to make in to a reality, and while I have a lot of passion and excitement when it comes to my dreams even the most motivated person on earth needs a little kick in the butt sometimes. So today I wanted to share some of my favourite videos that I turn to when I need some motivation.


When Kobe Bryant past earlier this year, the whole world seemed to be in a state of shock. Now I’ll be honest I wasn’t familiar with Kobe’s passion when it came to mindset and the many different talks he did about success. This video is one of many Kobe Bryant videos that I love, my favourite take away from this is the idea of having a mental switch. What do you take on when you see a challenge in front of you – are you unstoppable like a gladiator? Are you an amazonian warrior chasing after that dream?


I am obsessed with this video. I always always come back to this. This is great for people who understand the idea of visualization as it pertains to their dreams, how impactful visualizing is! My favourite quote from this video is “you just do what’s hard until it’s not hard anymore” so simple, and so powerful. Just keep going, don’t stop just keep going. UGH I get chill every time.


I was explaining this concept for my friend the other day on the phone, the idea of making a decision in 5 second. Mel Robbins basically believes that it only takes 5 seconds to make any decision, she believes that you only have 5 seconds to move until your body takes over. That 5 second window is the moment when your inner wisdom, your inner instincts take control and help you make the decisions that you truly want to make.

Let me know what you think about the video above! Do you resonate with any of the lessons taught above? What goals are you struggling with at the moment?

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