The Quarantine Update – Week S I X T E E N (Oh My)

Hi my sweet friends, I took a teeny break last week, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and very uninspired to start writing any of the scheduled posts I had in my calendar. I had something else ready for today, but I feel like it’s only fair that today I give you all a little update on how my quarantine is going.

I can’t believe it’s been sixteen weeks since I arrived back home from the cancelled JUNO Awards, and Canada as a whole entered into a state of emergency. I can’t believe that it’s June 29th, where did the last almost four months go? I can’t believe that Toronto has entered into phase 2 of re-opening and malls, restaurants and hairdressers are now open. It feels weird to even begin to think that we are now at a place where we don’t have to feel guilty for seeing family and friends. As shocking as this might be for some of you, I STILL really don’t hate quarantine, I am still loving this time off and do think that this is what we all needed. I am still working out very often, which is become a huge part of my new normal. I can’t express to you guys how nice it is to just feel strong, and quite honestly to feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. I have most recently started a challenge called couch to 5k, which is a 9 week program to build stamina and prepare you to run a 5k. I will have a blog post on that coming later this next month but who knew that long distance running would now be my thing.

The last time I wrote an update I spoke a lot about the idea of temptation. With summer in full swing it’s hard not to want to be outside, or at a cottage with friends. I know my group of friends is really annoyed that we have SO MUCH free time and saved up money but still not really able to go away to a cottage together or camping for a couple days in the foreseeable future. It doesn’t make it easier that there are so many people walking around like COVID doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve seen so many people on my socials with large groups of friends, at crowded beaches and parks, spending weekends away at the cottages and not maintaining any type of a distance. While I completely understand that this is the way the world is likely going to be for the next year, I can’t help but feel a little annoyance and a lot of anger towards them, I just want this virus to be eliminated I don’t want to learn how to live with it. I have family members that can’t learn to live with it when it means their life or their death. I don’t take that lightly. But at the same time, I want to take advantage of what I can get, becasue even though we have so many limitations, this shouldn’t be an excuse to not live life to the fullest. It’s confusing, it’s mind-fucking, it’s all consuming thoughts. It’s a hard predicament, it’s a hard situation for all of us to be put in. It’s hard to weigh out options if having that drink at that patio could result in taking someones life. I know that’s an extreme but it’s also not an extreme at all just becasue things are opening doesn’t mean the virus is less life threatening when we were in lockdown. I saw a post on instagram, and it really resonated with me. It said.

Remember, things are opening up becasue they are worried about the economy, not becasue they are worried about your health.

Doesn’t that hit different? Doesn’t that make you think a little harder before you leave the house to meet your friends, or head to the mall for the first time in months?

As always, I wish you all safety and good health. I hope each of you are making smart choices and taking care where ever you go. I’d love to know your thoughts on this, and would love to know how you are embarking out into the world again, if you are.

Sending love, always.

13 thoughts on “The Quarantine Update – Week S I X T E E N (Oh My)

  1. I love that quote so much because as harsh as it is, it’s so true!! It’s essentially the same thing here in Australia with things opening up and people acting like everything’s normal. I think for us here, sending the kids back to school kinda tricked a lot of people into thinking that it was over, and now we’re basically facing the second wave over here, and I’m almost positive some states will end up going back into lockdown. And I guess I’m a bit like you in the sense that I didn’t totally hate lock-down?? It just gave me so much more time to refocus and give my energy towards things I genuinely wanted to do!

    Hope you’re well Xandria! x

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    1. Thank you for this kind comment xo ! Totally – I completely get having to live life and TRY to go on as best we can but when does it become too much? When do we start to put humans first instead of the money that rules us? It’s such a tricky situation. I hope you’re safe down under and sending so much love to you.

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  2. I so agree with what you said about economy vs health. People seem to think that things opening up means that the pandemic is over however this is obviously not the case and we still need to be really careful when we go out because we are not only putting ourselves in danger but everyone around us too.

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    1. Totally ! I am so glad here in Toronto masks are now mandatory in any indoor space so I’m hoping that we will see a decline even more in our cases. Hope you’re well Pooja – xo

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      1. I’m so glad it’s mandatory in Toronto because people here in the Niagara are not really wearing masks much. I mean some are but some aren’t. I’m well and hope you are too!

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  3. You are so gorgeous Xandria 😍😍😍 beautiful!! And your camping trips WILL happen all in perfect timing!! ❤️ Yes for couch to 5k, my Mums been doing that too I think she’s on her last week now 😍 well done hun!

    I totally agree with the quote you shared however I am probably one of those people who annoy you atm 😂 just for so many reasons, I‘d be here all day if I was to go on about the virus lol but I’m kind of just the person who thinks well, life must go on and if I’m gonna have to go back to work etc etc, I might as well see my friends and family. At least if I’m seeing them I know likely they’re okay, whereas at work anybody could be coming in and passing me the disease. Obviously if I knew someone I’d been in contact with had the virus then I’d personally quarantine for two weeks (whatever the correct time period is), and not see anyone else but otherwise I just kind of feel like, well life’s a risk anyway. Might as well live it and it’s personal choice, if someone I knew for example my Nan because she’s older she still wants to socially distance etc / not share food – that’s fine, I respect that, but if my sister wants to give me hug and I’m happy to too, then I’m going to do it. The whole lockdown thing here in the UK has been quite a mockery to be honest so I feel like nobody has taken it seriously since they messed up right from the start. We should have gone into a lockdown much sooner and it should have been much much stricter. Then one of our government advisors was found to be breaking the rules and he didn’t really get reprimanded by the PM for it so I think people are just kind of … not taking it seriously I guess because clearly the government aren’t (not that I trust them anyway lol). Again I think it’s a case of personal choice. I only feel sorry for those people who don’t have the luxury of being able to choose because they have to go back to work 😦 anyway that’s just my thoughts! Hope you’re well ❤️

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    1. Thank you babe ! I am starting to get more comfortable putting my face on this blog so this was such a sweet and needed confidence boost. xoxo

      Not at all! I do agree that life must go on – and you sound like you’re doing all the right things and continuing to stay safe and you’re SO mindful of others!! I have no problem with that. I feel bad for those who are not as educated as we are, those who are unsure of the rules around what you do if you are positive and what to do when you come in contact with people who are. The same people who don’t want to do research and think they’re invincible. There is so much DIFFERENT information going around. & Yes, my god the UK just seems like a bit of a mess if I’m being honest. Not as bad as the US but in it’s own right it’s a tricky situation to navigate. ❤ PLEASE stay safe !!


  4. I can’t believe we’re already in July! Time flew so fast! 😭 I’d love to read more about your running challenge, it’s amazing that you’re keeping up with this habit! 😄
    And I totally agree, it’s hard to measure how safe some situations are, I usually think that the virus shouldn’t keep us from living our life but we still HAVE TO take care of how we live our life: physical distancing, masks, washing hands. Even if we’re kind of getting back to normal, we need to keep these habits!

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