Quotes to Motivate you even on the laziest of day

Hello my angel friends. I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying these last bits of summer that feel like they’re slowly slipping away from us. I feel like it’s very common to resonate deeply with a Taylor Swift lyric but damn, “August slipped away into a moment in time” feels like the most relatable words that have ever been written.

Today I wanted to just connect with you all on some of what I’ve been gravitating towards on Pinterest. For anyone who is new here or who isn’t aware – I love Pinterest – (you can check out my Pinterest here) ! Lately my Pinterest feed has been covered in little golden puppies, flowers and so many quotes. I’ve been pining so many quotes that I feels inclined to share with all of you. So let’s dive into some of my favourite quotes to motivate you even on the laziest of days.

This post was short and sweet and I do hope that one or all of these resonated with you on some level. I personally have these all saved onto my phone and love flipping through them when I need some motivation and to shift my mindset back to where I know it needs to be.

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