ThE 52 Lists Project: Week One – My 2021 Goals

Is it just me or am I the only one who feels like for the first time EVER, this New Year doesn’t really feel like a New Year. I mean, not much has changed for me since the clock struck midnight on January 1st. And yes, I blame it on the pandemic. It feels like one long continuous year.

I knew in order to get myself to feel like this was a New Year, to start feeling like my motivated self again I needed to list out my goals. While this last year has taught me that you don’t need a new calendar year to signify change, I like the idea that in my subconscious January signifies a new page, new chapter and a start – whatever your start may be or look like. Something that I have realized about myself, I am a very goal oriented person. I Love making lists, and having tasks to work towards, call it what you will, but it’s one of my favourite things about myself. So over the first couple of days of 2021, I sat down, and started to plan out all the things that I wanted to accomplish in 2021 and I figured why not share it with all of you.

2021 GOALS

  • Continue to workout to feel strong, not to loose weight or feel beautiful. I think this is something that we often times forget, I know I struggle with this more than I would like to admit, with the content that we see everyday it’s hard to remember that beauty shows up in all shapes and sizes. In 2020 I made a huge effort to stop weighing myself after every workout, to stop starving myself when I looked even a little bloated. I learned to accept that beauty is not a formula, it’s not a diet or juice cleanse. I learned to find beauty in strength and health.
  • Have a concrete morning and night routine that is focused on Gratitude. Y’all, if you have no idea what the practice of gratitude is please google it right now. I urge you to find a way to make this part of your morning routines at the very least every, single day! It’s life changing, and it was a total mood booster for me during this last year.
  • Build a Second source of Income. I am very passionate about the fact that in this day in age it’s so essential for you to have a second source of income. I’ve played around with so many ideas over the years, and as I’ve gotten older I have learned where my passions lie and what I can do to make this a reality.
  • Film One Second of my Day. I LOVE this concept and I did it in 2018, which was one of the busiest years of my life and knowing I have one second from everyday filmed is just insane to me. I use an app to do this, so if anyone out there is interested in participating I am happy to recommend you the app!
  • Read 30 Books. I have always been a pretty avid reader, so this is not so much a goal anymore, more of something that has just become a part of me.
  • Journal, write and stay focused on documenting more. I used to keep journals my entire life, I had one through high school, THAT WILL NEVER BEEN SEEN BY ANY OTHER EYES, for the sole purpose of it being really embarrassing. I want to get back to that, I want to write more.
  • Be Kinder, love more openly and search for joy. This one is self explanatory.
  • Run a 10K. Honestly I could barely get through a 5K this last summer without feeling like I was going to pass out, but knowing that I accomplished it was so rewarding for me.
  • Shop More Sustainably. This is something I hope to get some help in, and hope to help others do. I think over the years, I used to just plow through and order clothes without thinking twice about it, but I think I would much rather spend more money on things that are made more consciously. Hoping to do a blog post on all that soon.

That’s all for now my sweets. I would love to hear what you have as some New Year goals and resolutions. Even if it’s as simple as making your bed every morning, or changing out of pj’s, or eating 3 meals a day – I want to know! This last year was hard, be gentle with yourselves.

Until next time,

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4 thoughts on “ThE 52 Lists Project: Week One – My 2021 Goals

  1. Great goals gorgeous – I am so proud of you!! & I believe you have achieved plenty this last year- I see what you share on Insta and you radiate success and joy, I hope you are proud of yourself too – also, simply for being you, that is enough, you are sunshine in this world Xandria!!! Gratitude is soooooo 100% one of the best daily things to do – I actually have a post coming about that soon in which you are featured hehe 😛 and yes to shopping more sustainably, I am so with you on this one as well as shopping more from small businesses. So good ❤ Happy 2021 beautiful, I hope this is your best year yet!


  2. These are amazing goals! Heck, you’ve got me super inspired to write down my own goals and I haven’t ever done that. Also I’d love to know about the app, that sounds like so much fun!


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