How are you Really?

You guys, I feel so unmotivated.

I hate that I feel this way, so early into the new year but quite honestly I don’t think I can help it, I don’t think many of us can. Today where I live they announced an extended lockdown, and declared a state of Emergency. Similar to what happened last year in March. This essentially means that we are in lockdown, till February 10th 2021.

I don’t know why I am even writing this, but I hope that if there’s anyone out there who feels this same way, that you’re not alone. I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m grateful, I’m thankful, I’m frustrated, I’m everything and I feel nothing at the same time.

I hope that wherever you are in this world, whatever your circumstances are that you are safe and healthy. I wish you sunshine and I hope you search for joy in anything and everything you possible can. I am still finding it, and looking for it hard everyday – despite feeling like meh.

So I guess I just wanted to know, how are you guys really? How have things gotten better or worse for you through this crazy year? I want to know.

8 thoughts on “How are you Really?

  1. “I’m everything and I feel nothing at the same time.” SAME .I have bouts of the same too! I just got a sun lamp to deal with this, Canadian winters will do that to you. Also, yeah the whole pandemic situation is obviously the reason too.

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  2. Aw babe this brought a tear to my eye. You are doing your best beautiful, and it’s okay to not feel motivated. Like the moon, we go through phases, we do not have to be ‘on’ all the time. Just because it’s the start of 2021 it doesn’t mean we have to be completely motivated smashing every goal, I reminded myself the other day that what a beautiful thing it is we are only two or so weeks into the new year, it doesn’t matter that I haven’t achieved all this years goals yet – I have the rest of the year too! I can go at my own pace, and trust that there is beauty in it all. So remember that, you don’t need to have achieved anything in these past couple of weeks, it’s only life. Sending so much love your way gorgeous beauty, I am proud of you xxx


  3. Hey, Xandria. I’m so sorry you have to feel like this but you’re absolutely right in thinking that sometimes things happen that we can’t help. I completely get where you’re coming from on feeling so much and so little at the same time, and I just want you to know that even this state will pass. I’m sure you already know that, though 🙂

    It can be especially frustrating when you’ve been hoping for a new year and a new start, but we’ve just got to keep going from one moment to the other, and allow ourselves to accept things and move on, in our own time.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  4. Xandria, hang it there ❤ It will get better. It will. I feel it in my bones. But right now we all have to go through these difficult times to appreciate the better times so much more. This pandemic was a reckoning. Literally. I'm struggling with my motivation too. I'm trying to keep the positive vibes but it is so. hard. sometimes. There is a rainbow at the end of this. ❤ ❤ ❤ Stay strong girl and let's keep each other motivated and inspired to hang on!!


  5. Sending lots of love and healing your way Xandria! It can be hard to avoid stagnancy and push past sadness in a world that is ever changing and seemingly not for the better. I find that in these times it’s best to look inwards rather than outwards. What progress can you make in your personal life? That’s part of the reason I set out on such a big room renovation project. To have something to dedicate the entirety of my time and effort to.


  6. I feel you. For me, I just get so drained from Toronto being constantly in lockdown after lockdown. It’s exhausting especially when you’re looking forward to just enjoying the year after all that happened in 2020.


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