The 52 List Project: Week Two – Your Favourite Characters

HELLO ! What a freaking week this has been, you don’t need to be living in America to feel the impact of all the events that took place this last week. It’s a lot to process, and a lot to take in. I hope that you have been gentle with yourself.

This weeks challenge is interesting, I am not going to lie when I saw what the theme was I was a little nervous, because I went blank immediately, nothing really came to mind when I think about my favourite characters. After some time thinking about it I came up with a list of three characters that I loved growing up, characters that I still reference in my adulthood. So let’s get into it.


I honestly laughed a little to myself as I thought of all the characters that have impacted my life, and realized that Lizzie McGuire is right up there. Oddly enough, this week marks 20 years since Lizzie McGuire premiered on Disney Channel – so weird timing on my end. Lizzie to me, has always been one of the most relatable characters I remember seeing on TV when I was younger. I mean, there wasn’t much to choose from, I wasn’t a pop star by night, or a psychic so Lizzie was you girl next door, who asked for bras and crushed so hard on Ethan Craft, I thought I was crushing too.

In all honesty, I like to think that if Lizzie was wandering this world today she would continue to be her authentic self, continue to have a close relationship with her family and enjoying life with her best friends. Above all she was kind, she was respectful and only ever wanted to make those around her proud.


Anytime someone would ask me who my favourite Disney princess is, without missing a beat I would say Mulan. I always explained it as she was the only princess who ever did anything, she literally fought for her country, and took her sick Dad’s place in the army. Like, guys come on, Ariel doesn’t even stand a chance (but she is a close second favourite). This then led to me wanting to be warrior, aka, enrolling in Karate and practicing the sport for 7 years of my life.

Looking back at it now, I see that Mulan was far more than just the girl who took her fathers place in the army, and saved all of China (even though, it’s important to note that’s pretty damn impressive). She was loyal, she loved her family more than anything, and protected them even if it meant that she would put her own life in danger. She was smart, tactful and strong. All traits I think every woman aspires to be.


Yup, the fish. One of my favourite Disney Pixar movies ever, I think I was around 7 or 8 when this movie first came out and I remember being so CAPTIVATED by this forgetful fish. When the sequel came out during my time in University I remember begging my uni friends to come with me to see the movie. Dory is one of the funniest characters, she’s cute and she is loyal, even if she doesn’t always remember it.

As I read through this post I realized one thing that was very common between these three characters, and it is loyalty to the ones they love. A trait I believe that I encompass. The importance of family and friends in each of these characters lives is important, it’s one of their main pillars of what makes them who they are.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be continuing the 52 week challenge throughout 2021, if anyone would like to join me I am more than happy to send you the list of prompts for the year.

As always, sending love and good wishes your way.

5 thoughts on “The 52 List Project: Week Two – Your Favourite Characters

  1. Omg Xandria, now I want to watch Lizzie McGuire all over again lol!! That brings me BACK. I loved that show and I was also addicted to Kim Possible. Both of them were staples in my childhood ❤ Also, I can't agree more about Mulan. Like, honestly. She is a freaking HERO!! That is so cool that you took karate for 7 years, I only last a month haha!! I got hooked on horseback riding and stuck with that for ten years. This was such a cute post, and I'm sending all the best your way ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Ah I loved this! So funny when you said ‘there wasn’t much to choose from I’m not psychic or a pop star by night’ omg 😂😂😂 I miss Lizzie McGuire I’m going to have to see if it’s on Disney+! Such a good show! Can you believe I’ve never seen Milan? You’ve made me want to watch it!

    Loyalty is one of the most beautiful traits and something that is so important to me too! Thanks for being inspiring Xandria!

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