Can We Talk About Justice by Justin Bieber

HOLY. I am so impressed by this album. I don’t know why exactly I’m acting so shell shocked at the fact that the Biebs put out such an incredible album, but I am. Working in music makes listening to any new music that much more exciting, especially when every single one of your co workers are as invested as you are. It’s a true dream, let me tell you.

I, by no means am a music expert. I like what I like, and it happens to span across mane different decades, and genres. I just wanted to share some of my favourite songs from the album in hopes that you too expand what you listen to! Now, In no particular order.


Okay this one. THIS ONE, hits right in the centre of my heart, and ugh it’s really cute you guys. Clearly about Hailey Bieber – who honestly I don’t really care for – but I would like to personally thank her for this one. It’s cute. AF.


Okay. I watched the video for this with my mom this morning, and the first thing she asked me is “Why is he talking about Peaches” and for that reason (and the fact that Daniel Caesar is on it) are why it’s on this list. If you haven’t watched the video, I’ve included it here. Take a 3 mins and 17 seconds to do so.


I mean, from the moment that this song was released last summer it’s been one of my favourite Bieber songs of all time. So naturally it’s one of my favourite from this album.


This one gives me major Weeknd and Michael Jackson vibes. Which is why I think it’s on this list. It’s on the latter half of the album and totally a head bopper while you work type-a-song.


I am not even going to lie about this – but the first time I listened to this I was like “FOR SELENA?!?!” I know, I know – he’s a married man, but hot damn they were so cute. I still can’t believe they’re not together. It’s probably not about her or for her, but I can’t help but…hope. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Other honourable mentions include, Anyone, Hold On, Love You Different…

Before I list literally every single song of the album I’m going to end this here.

Let me know what you think of the album, what song is your favourite? On the scale of Bieber albums, where does this fall?

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