25 Positive Affirmations to Start your Week

If there’s one thing I would want to tell every single person on this earth it’s that the power we hold in what we think and say, is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings. I am a firm believer that the way we speak, and think wether it pertains to ourselves or the people around us has a direct impact on how we see our lives unfold.

Once I learned about positive affirmations, I wanted everyone to know about them. This has drastically helped me release whatever limiting beliefs I have and for someone who’s always had very low self-esteem this has done wonders for my confidence. I do them every morning, and wanted to share my little list with you to kick of this last week of March – first week of April.


1.I am abundant, in all areas of my life.

2.I am creating the life of my dreams

3.I am strong.

4. I am brave and trust my instincts.

5.I am attracting only love into my life.

6.I am becoming the best version of myself.

7.I am not defined by my thoughts, or my past.

8.I am a hard worker.

9.I am so happy and grateful for everything in my life.

10.I am always attracting things to me that serve me.

11.I am love.

12.I am beautiful, inside and out.

13.I am releasing all negative emotions and thoughts that do not serve me.

14.I am always learning and working towards my dreams.

15.I am worthy of all I want in this life.

16.I am a magnet for healthy relationships.

17.I am healthy.

18.I am thankful for being able to move my body every day of my life.

19.I am compassionate and understanding.

20.I am successful.

21.I am respectful to everyone.

22.I am confident.

23.I am a successful ___________ (fill in the blank with whatever you want to be successful at)

24.I am loved, respected and treated kindly by all who I encounter.

25.I am blessed.

I hope you take even three of these and try to say them every morning for at least a week. I can’t tell you enough how much these have helped me over the last two years.

What was your favourite affirmation? Do you use any affirmations that are not listed here.

6 thoughts on “25 Positive Affirmations to Start your Week

  1. I find that tough love works for me. Like I need someone swearing at me to get me off the couch and do something productive, but it needs to be healthy reinforcement. I use podcasts for inspiration, and they tend to have a lot of swearing (my husband hates it) but it seriously does work for me. Idk why, but someone telling me to outwork my competition is motivation to be the very best version of myself. I don’t use “soft” encouragement because I will become complacent.

    I used to have horrible self-confidence and would put myself down A LOT. Now I tell myself that every opportunity at work is a learning experience, and that I am incredibly blessed to even have employment. I was part of the 1/3 of new grads who found work right away – how cool is that?! I am incredibly lucky even though work is incredibly terrifying and anxiety provoking.

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  2. OBSESSED GIRL YOU HAVE RAISED MY VIBRATIONS! Thanks so much for sharing. I love affirmation number 24 though of course they’re all wonderful and amazing and perfect ❤ I am so excited that you shared this uplifting blog post gorgeous girlie, thank you so much ❤

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