3 White Shoes You need for Spring/Summer

Another day, another fashion post. I have never been the one to enjoy writing fashion related posts, but I’ve been super into online browsing lately and I feel compelled to share my findings with all of you.

I have a serious inquiry. I want to know how often you guys buy shoes. Like I for sure – know and completely own it, that I have a problem. I do buy a lot of shoes, but IN MY DEFENCE I like to think they are staple shoes that I truly do wear till they are worn out and torn apart. I feel like as I get older I do have a much better idea as to what I can see myself getting a lot of wear out, and items that I want to splurge on.

White has been making more of a comeback in recent years. We all must be owning at least one pair of white shoes, wether it’s a strappy sandal or a nice pair of white sneakers. Today I wanted to give you a choice of 3 staple white shoes you need this 2021 Spring and Summer.

So let’s get into it. Here are 3 White shoes You Need for Spring/Summer 2021.

all prices are in CAD.


I know I know “but where are we going, that we need to wear heels” I hear you, COVID really sucks when it comes to having events to go to anymore, most of our schedules are completely empty. And let’s be real, the only times majority of us wear heels are to events, there’s probably a very small percentage of us who rock them out to the grocery store. If you are someone who does that, I admire you and I appreciate you!

BUT I wanted to show you some casual options for more day-to-day activities, grabbing a meal on a patio with some friends.

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch – Strappy Heel Sandals ($75.00)
  2. Steve Madden – Impressed Natural ($80.00)
  3. Lulu’s – Simonee Off White Lace-Up High Heel Sandals ($35.00)


Now, I don’t mean to brag but I like to think of myself as an expert in this particular white shoe department. I’ve gone through my fair share of white sneakers, from converse to Keds (of different styles) and most recently Stan Smiths. If there’s one thing you can trust me with you life on, it’s knowing what white sneakers are worth the hype.

In no particular order here are some of my favourite white sneakers.

  1. Converse – White Classic Converse ($70.00)
  2. Steve Madden – COULTER WHITE MULTI ($80.00)
  3. Adidas – Stan Smith Shoes ($110)


I didn’t really know what to categorized this as, becasue ultimately it’s a flat shoe, sandal style that you can throw on when you want something easy to wear. I have been seeing a variation of the examples I’ll leave below everywhere. They seem to be a staple white shoe to have this spring and summer 2021.

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch – Strappy Block Heel Sandals ($59.00)
  2. Lulu’s – Siya White Flat Ankle Strap Sandals ($18.00)
  3. Aldo – Culgoa ($70.00)

I would love to know what white shoe you will be rocking this Spring and Summer 2021. I honestly am trying really hard to save money and I am trying really hard to remind myself we are not going anywhere so I don’t need more clothes. BUT I think I’ll be investing in a couple of these…

4 thoughts on “3 White Shoes You need for Spring/Summer

    1. UGH! I know I was trying really hard to find cheaper options, but I didn’t want to recommend something I haven’t tried out myself. If it’s ANY consolation – they last for years. I have had all those sneakers for at least 3 years now. Let me know what cheaper options you come across. x

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