24. Canada. Good Time Enthusiast.

 Hi Everyone.

My name is Xandria, and I am the writer behind this blog. I am 24 years old and I live in Toronto, Canada ! I started this blog because I love to write – I love to create and wanted my own space to do so.

I graduated from Ryerson University in 2017, from the RTA Media Production Program. After finishing at Ryerson, I was offered a job as the Events and Communications Coordinator for the faculty that I graduated from. Since then I’ve gone on to work on various Live TV shows and Live Music Events and Festivals as a Casting Coordinator, Talent Coordinator and Producers Assistant.

I have my own company called The Modern KnotI love coordinating events, and over the last year have found myself as a day of coordinator for weddings in the Greater Toronto Area and I absolutely love it.

I love hardwood floors, and a good book. I love people who are kind and I always look for the bright side of every situation. I want the best for everyone, and I think we are all capable of living the life we dream about. I believe that we can only ever control two things: our attitude and our effort. I believe the world is good, and believe that there is always more good than bad.

Stay awhile – xo,