My Joy List

Here is a list of 15 things that bring me joy, things that made me feel full. In no particular oder..

  1. Sand between my toes.

  2. Finishing a really good book, and feeling so emotionally attached you can’t even physically close the book, becasue you don’t want to leave the world you’re in.

  3. Packing for a trip.

  4. Cool summer nights at the drive in movies.

  5. The time between Halloween and Christmas where everything becomes cosy and the world feels like one big burrito blanket.

  6. Getting pictures developed.

  7. Going out for dinner and spending hours in conversation with my very best friends.

  8. Planning for the future, using my pinterest to create boards and boards of my dream house, my dream kitchen and bedroom, different themed parties I want to throw. Daydreaming about the future. PERIOD.

  9. Long drives with some good music.

  10. The feeling of freshly washed sheets on my bed.

  11. An ice cold glass of coke.

  12. Getting to know new people. And deepening your relationships with people.

  13. Hand written notes, journal entries and postcards!

  14. Concerts. Live music.

  15. Laughter around the dinner table, laughter with company. Laughter in general.

I think it’s so important to always choose joy. Being joyful, especially now is something that I am finding needs to be an active choice that I make every single day. Choosing not to dwell in fear, and uncertainty but to focus on the little things, the joyful things.

What is on your joy list ?

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.04.11 PM


3 thoughts on “My Joy List

  1. Loveeeee♡ I’m all about the little things in life (which are actually the biggest things IMO) This post is such a great reminder to slow down and soak it all in. Even when things feel chaotic there’s always something to love about life in the present moment. xoxo♡

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    1. TOTALLY ! I think especially now more than ever we need to be counting every single blessing no matter how small we think it might be. Thank you for these kind words. Stay Safe – xo

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