6 Apps that every blogger should have on their iPhone

You guys, there is nothing I love more than a good app. The only thing I might love more than a good app is a clutter-less organized phone – but I think the two go hand in hand. I have spent years perfecting the apps on my phone, to a select few, organized by category and personal popularity (I think I just made up this term, but just go with it).

Here are my round-up of 6 apps that I think every blogger should have on their iPhone.


I mean, okay this is pretty given to anyone who owns a blog. Now, I didn’t know how useful of a tool pinterest was in regards to building your traffic, and just all around promoting your blog. The majority of the traffic that I get comes from pinterest. Up until probably last August, I only really used Pinterest to create different boards for my dream house, pin my favourite male celebrities and dream of myself vacationing in the south of France. While you should be pining at-least 50 pins a day to create some sort of traffic, having original pictures and posts as pins can do wonders for your blog.


This app, and website go hand in hand with Pinterest and is what I rely on to create the aesthetic of my blog. For anyone who doesn’t know Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create, logos, templates, presentations and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations. I love using this app to play around with different aesthetics for my pins, and future blog posts. Majority of my pins on pinterest that are related to my blog posts are created through this app!

imxandria.com (1)


I mean. duh. If your blog is supported by WordPress, there really isn’t any reason why this wasn’t the first app you downloaded once publishing your blog. I never ever use this app to start a new draft of a blog post – even though the app does support that – I mainly use this app to check how my posts are doing, interact with other blogs and read others posts. If your blog is supported by WordPress, stop reading this, download the app and come back to continue reading! NOW ! GO


I feel like you’re either a google driver user, or not. Having used google drive throughout my university career, I never really stopped once I realized how well I was able to organize all my documents onto the drive and then be able to access them from both my phone and my computer. If I am not handwriting my blog post ideas into my planner, then I am drafting up ideas in google drive. I use my google drive to keep all my creative writing, blog posts, and pay stubs organized and lately I’ve been using it to build my schedule. One of my top requirements for any app is figuring out how compatible it is with what I am already using and how I can utilize it around my busy schedule and google drive is just life made simple and I love it! 


I have an entire page on my iPhone of different apps I use to edit my photos and I would happily talk about each of them in a different blog post! BUT VSCO is one of the apps that I find myself always coming back to. Not only does it let you adjust almost every single aspect of a picture for FREE but it has so many beautiful filters that come without charge. I always bring my photos into VSCO before creating any post on Pinterest or Canva. It’s easy to use and doesn’t leave any watermarks ! A true win. 


This is one is a bit of an outlier, for the sole purpose being that you’re probably wondering “what do podcasts have to do with being a blogger?”. I love me a good podcast, I’ve listened to so many different podcasts and I think I can finally say that I have a great selection of about 5 that I rotate between. This made the list becasue most of my inspiration for future blog posts comes from the podcasts I listen to. I encourage all of you to find podcasts to listen to, ones that inspire you and motivate you! 

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 11.56.20 AM

What do you have on your iPhone that helps you stay on track with your blog? 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.04.11 PM

8 thoughts on “6 Apps that every blogger should have on their iPhone

  1. I am a fan of Canva and WordPress especially. I seldom use Pinterest but have an account. I love podcasts and will listen to fellow bloggers’ podcasts. I have heard good things about VSCO but don’t personally use it. The most surprising app I found myself using is Snapchat, even though I am not active on that app either! I just like the filters which I use for my blog 😂

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      1. My profile pic was created using SnapChat and it sorta stuck around ever since. Idk why, but it fits the quirky vibe I was going for. Besides blogging-related purposes, I am not a big SnapChat user! 😅


  2. I use Canva and WordPress, I am trying to learn how to use podcasts and I don’t know about VSCO and Pinterest, I ll look into it now that you mentioned it. Thanks! It’s such a great read.

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  3. Great blog post- I have all except VSCO and- well, I’m embarrassed now- but Pinterest. But if it is as great as you say… Keep up the great writing!

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