My Favourite Albums of All Time!

I had something entirely different planned for today’s post, but for some reason this feels fitting – this feels like the right thing for me to we writing about today. I think I’ve mentioned this time and time again, music is such a huge and important part of my life. From the time I was a little girl I don’t ever remember a weekend where we didn’t have music playing. My parents had such a wide range of music that they liked to listen to, and listening to so many different genres of music growing up has shaped my likes and dislikes.

So here, in no particular order at all are some of my favourite albums of all time. Albums that I can listen to from start to finish and find something new every time. I hope you enjoy this little list, and I hope, if you’re not familiar with these artists or albums that you give them a try. I hope you find your own stories intertwined within them.


This album is just so damn good. I can go a long time without listening to anything from this album, but as soon as I do it’s such a great reminder of the simple fact that this album shaped so many albums that came after it. Composed by Brian Wilson, while the band was on tour this album claimed as a whole to be a “compositional genius” for its instrumental innovation and dreamy harmonies.


Now, I know that there’s enough controversy around this man to light the world on fire. BUT regardless of the truths and lies, he paved the way for music for so many reasons. Thriller known to the masses as Jackson’s best work, but I would argue that BAD is far more deserving of that title. For more insight into that idea, or if you are a bug MJ fan in general, I would recommend checking out “BAD 25” a documentary directed by Spike Lee, about this album. BAD has some of my favourite songs by MJ ever, and it just paints such an interesting picture of that time period for musicians.


BLAH. I think I own this in every single way an album can be owned. This is the eleventh studio album from Fleetwood Mac and was recorded at one of the most pivotal moments for this band. The success of this album allowed the group to continue to record for many years to come, and has been said to have the bands “most likeable songs” – which I don’t agree with, but I don’t disagree with so do with that what you will. Some of my favourites from this album include “Dreams” my favourite song of all time. “Got to Go Your Own Way” and “Songbird” a song that I’m convinced can rip the devil’s heart to pieces.


THE BOSS. He has that nickname for a reason. This album was SO GOOD. It’s stood the test of time and. This album produced 10 hit singles, and had immense commercial success. Some of my favourites from this album are “Born in the USA”, “Glory Days” and “Dancing in the Dark”.

There’s so many incredible works of music out there. There’s so many albums I could have included on this list!

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